Exclusive designs to unlock your way of living.

SmartStyle elevates design and quality to new heights with a selection of premium ranges to choose from. The Profile Door Range and Cut and Edged Range both provide chic options across aesthetics and finishes.

Australian made, we closely collaborate with our customers to ensure expectations regarding our ranges are met, resulting in exceptional design outcomes. Both ranges offer a wide variety of decors, profiles, and finishes, perfectly aligning with our modern way of living. Advanced technology not only adds a seamless edge, but also ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

At SmartStyle, our reputation rests upon a solid foundation of trust and reliability. We pride ourselves on performing consistently well and in a way that continually exceeds expectations.

SmartStyle, create something beautiful.

The Profile Doors Range

SmartStyle is a premium range of profile doors, drawers and panels available in thermo-laminated and raw (paint-ready) surfaces.

Australian made and in a wide range of stylish profiles and finishes, they suit the way we wish to live today. Advanced technology not only adds a seamless edge, but also ensures exceptional durability and long-lasting performance.

Suitable for vertical use, thermo-laminated vinyl and raw profiles are ideal for doors, drawers and panels in kitchens, bathrooms, pantries, laundries and wardrobes. Unearth our Collections designed for you.

Our dynamic approach to style takes into consideration the fluctuating nature of the spaces our customers inhabit, yet always puts comfort, elegance, durability and functionality first. Explore our complete range today.

SmartStyle provides Australian made thermo-laminated doors, drawers and panels to the kitchen and joinery industry. Fill out the order form or contact customer service on: 1300 854 166 l orders@smartstyle.au

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The Cut and Edged Range

SmartStyle cut and edged doors are a remarkable range of Low-Pressure Melamine (LPM) decors available in custom cut-to-size panels that are fully edged and expertly prepared for seamless installation. Discover the perfect blend of modern sophistication and contemporary aesthetics with our stunning flat door or panel, featuring a sleek square edge that’s designed to enhance any space. Creating a smooth and contemporary look for your project has never been simpler.

The SmartStyle cut and edged range is both stylish and functional. Our complete Wilsonart decorative LPM panel range is custom-tailored to your specifications with perfectly matched edging, resulting in a sleek and timeless square edge. Sometimes, simplicity is the key.

Consisting of 99 decors such as woodgrains, concretes and stones the range also has 5 beautiful finishes including ultra-matt from the Traceless Collection - all are highly durable and easy to maintain. Use in conjunction with many Wilsonart laminate decors to achieve a cohesive design.

The SmartStyle cut and edged range of doors are all made at HVG Manufacturing in Victoria. Download the order form today or contact customer service on 1300 854 166 or orders@smartstyle.au

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