Whatever level of education you’re in, the surfaces should be A+

In their very nature, education institutions are all about the future. From early childhood education centres to university lecture rooms, the education infrastructure of today should not only include state-of-the-art equipment, but spaces that are equipped to be adaptable, enduring and future-proof.

Wilsonart Chemsurf Laminate and Compact

Specifically designed for environments where chemicals and harsh cleaners are used, Wilsonart Chemsurf provides exceptional chemical resistance and durability without sacrificing style. Intended for both horizontal and vertical applications, Wilsonart Chemsurf laminate is perfect for areas of high student and teacher traffic. Chemsurf Protector Compact laminate is suitable for horizontal or vertical applications in laboratories, change rooms and on benches or cabinets. Due to its thickness and strength it does not require a substrate and it incorporates our Protector layers on the facia-side – adding incredible scuff, scratch and impact-resistance to its credentials.


HOMAPAL’s magnetic and writable laminate combines a very high level of magnetism for hooks, posters and documents and can be written upon – opening up a whole world of diverse applications in education environments. Some décors are also available with a reduced light reflection effect for projection purposes and can be produced as a wall divider or be applied directly to a wall. Wilsonart Markerboard Laminate offers great versatility and, as a dual-purpose board for projection and dry or wet erase uses, it is easy to maintain and clean. For educational environments, the possible applications are virtually limitless.


Zenolite has fantastic reflectiveness, dispersing natural light to create the illusion of extra space and in areas of any size. It is extremely lightweight and can be worked on onsite and installed easier and quicker than any glass. Zenolite's surface is resistant to mould and bacteria – making it easy to clean and maintain in an educational setting. Zenolite’s colour layer is permanently fused during the extrusion process, for maximum performance and longevity in the education space, where cost and durability is of the essence.

Wilsonart HPL & LPM

Long-lasting and more sustainable than engineered stone, Wilsonart laminate creates an aesthetically-pleasing, durable environmen in classrooms, shared kitchens and more. With seamless looks achieved with our coordinated collections, high ceilings, tight spaces and unconventional panel needs are met across the entire range. With large lengths, thicker sizes and matching ABS edging, your educational space will come to life with LPM panel and HPL laminate.

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