Where wellbeing matters, the perfect healthcare surface solutions are essential

Durability, disinfection and function are the key solution requirements that must be considered for healthcare industry design. From reception areas to GP offices, waiting rooms to hallways and cafeterias – the choice of product is paramount to patient experience and wellbeing. Interiors that have a positive influence on those using healthcare spaces really can change lives for the better.

Wilsonart Chemsurf Laminate and Compact

Specifically designed for environments where chemicals and harsh cleaners are used, Wilsonart Chemsurf provides exceptional chemical resistance without sacrificing style. Chemsurf Protector Compact laminate is suitable for horizontal or vertical applications, however due to its thickness and strength it does not require a substrate. It incorporates our Protector layers on the facia-side – adding incredible scuff, scratch and impact-resistance to its credentials.


Wilsonart Markerboard Laminate offers great versatility and, as a dual-purpose board for projection and dry or wet erase uses, it is easy to maintain and clean. HOMAPAL’s magnetic and writable board combines a very high level of magnetism for documents, shelves, x-rays and can be written upon – opening up a whole world of diverse applications in healthcare. Some décors are also available with a reduced light reflection effect for projection purposes.


Zenolite has fantastic reflectiveness, dispersing natural light to create the illusion of extra space in areas of any size. It is extremely lightweight and can be worked on onsite and installed easier and quicker than any glass. Zenolite's surface is resistant to mould and bacteria – making it easy to clean and maintain in a healthcare setting. Being completely inert with an impervious surface, bacteria and mould do not permeate the sheet.

Wilsonart AEON Laminate

Higher-performing laminate is a key requirement for healthcare settings and Wilsonart’s AEON Laminate does not disappoint. A step up in design and performance, it boasts AEON enhanced performance technology that creates a surface more durable than ever before - meaning it can keep its good looks for longer. From Satin to High-gloss, there are an array of textures and finishes to suit any design.

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