Markerboard & Magnetic

Markerboard & Magnetic

The perfect symbiose of performance and design.

Markerboard and Magnetic laminates are versatile surfaces that offer an interactive medium for sketching thoughts, sharing new ideas or taking notes in real time.

To create the magnetic surfaces iron foil is integrated into the laminate, creating an extremely high magnetic holding surface. Hold plans, drawings, heavier magnetic racks or modular rail systems and storage. Used extensively in shop fitouts, visual merchandising, education, healthcare and any workplace.


Homapal’s markerboard and magnetic laminate combine the ability to function as a shop fit out system or office surface, whether written or magnetised.


Thanks to extensive research and new product development in overlays, Wilsonart’s writable surface functions above and beyond that of typical markerboards.


By using standard (non permanent) board markers, they can be written on and wiped clean.

Make Your Mark

No matter where it’s used, from conference rooms to hospital cafeterias, markerboard offers great versatility and decorative opportunities, especially when compared to porcelain or epoxy-coated steel. With Homapal and Wilsonart to choose from, your project and design needs will always be met.

Projection & Magnetic only

Triple your functionality within the large or small scale education or corporate interior design. Projection and magnetic (PRM) laminate as a vertical wall within any room has projection and magnetic capabilities. The matt white surface minimises reflection making the projected image easier to read from any angle

Suggested uses

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