Our Story.

HVG Decorative Building Products specialises in innovative, versatile and high quality interior finishes, encompassing the very latest technology and design trends.

Wilsonart, Zenolite, HOMAPAL, DIBOND, SmartPanel & SIBU Designs

Wilsonart, our flagship brand is recognised as one of the global leaders pioneering decorative engineered surfaces, through a focus on colour, texture and performance. When it comes to design versatility, performance, and price, there is no competition for Wilsonart decorative surfaces, with decors and technologies sourced from around the globe. We at HVG Decorative Building Products stand behind our brands and aim to provide the best practice in both service and quality. With experienced staff, state-of-the-art locations and readily available stock, we are able to provide personalised service and exciting solutions within the industry and nationwide. Together we have a range of high performing laminates and panel in unique designs and finishes for an extensive range of interior applications.

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Wilsonart Chemsurf HPL Laminates - NEW Decors 2021

Specifically designed for environments where chemicals and harsh cleaners are used, Wilsonart Chemsurf provides exceptional chemical resistance without sacrificing style. When you need to specify a surface that is resistant to the harshest of acids, bases and solvents, but not at the expense of design, Wilsonart Chemsurf Laminate and Chemsurf Protector Compact are the perfect solution to answer the challenge.

Exciting Range Update - HI-LINE XL Range 2021

At 3600 x 1200 x 16mm, the Hi-Line XL Range of LPM Panels from Wilsonart allows you to maximise every inch of your project’s space, eliminating the need for multiple seams and optimise your design capabilities for a budget-friendly, high-end look. These large format LPM panels in 19 beautiful decors are suitable for to vertical or low-wear applications.   Using the latest European technologies and manufacturing facilities in Australia, the Hi-Line XL range of LPM panels from Wilsonart are easy to maintain and ideal for floor to ceiling commercial or residential joinery.

The most comprehensive & cutting-edge selection of decorative building solutions available today.

HVG Decorative Building Products is also the exclusive Australian distributor of SIBU Design’s market-leading range of interior design surfaces, along with HOMAPAL Real Metal and Magnetic Laminates, Zenolite the high gloss alternative to colour backed glass, and DIBOND Australia’s premier aluminium composite material for internal and external applications.

Always adding to our diverse product range, HVG Decorative Building Products is committed to providing the most comprehensive and cutting-edge selection of decorative building solutions available today.