Branding. Senses. Displays. These three words define the retail space.

Visual cues are key when trying to bring your brands to life, reflecting the way you want your customers to feel starts on the exterior and flows to the interior. From signage to fittings and fixtures your visuals work together to tell your brand’s story. Finishes throughout determine how any retail space can differentiate itself and when done well build brand loyalty and potentially command a premium price for products and store footprints.


The lightweight and rigid composite material is ideal for external facades, large signage applications, displays and POS / POP display. With high corrosion resistance, UV protection, thermal expansion, excellent processing parameters and the ability to print directly to the substrate, DIBOND is used in both indoors and outdoors applications.

Homapal Magnetic & Real Metals

Homapal’s magnetic & writable (MW) laminates combine the ability to function as a shop fit out system or office information sharing surface (whether written or magnetised) the ideas are endless. The ideal choice where flexibility is needed for affixing items yet with the ability to redesign whenever needed. Real metal interior surfaces can be vibrant and warm, cool and glossy, strong or delicate – and always exude richness and opulence.

Wilsonart HPL & LPM

Wilsonart HPL offers long-lasting beauty, function and performance. A high-performing, durable engineered surface used for a variety of vertical and horizontal application. Perfect for high traffic areas, back of store and storage requirements, or creative and bespoke counter and service areas. Wilsonart LPM Panels have a finish for every mood including the rich texture of hewn, xtreme matt, gloss or velvet, truly beautiful decors to create any mood you desire for your customer. Whether the need is cabinets or feature walls so many versatile looks that can add an arresting focal point to your interior.


Zenolite has fantastic reflectiveness – dispersing natural light that creates the illusion of more space in areas of any size. Think lift lobby, visual merchandising display wall, or food court. It is extremely lightweight, can be worked on onsite and installed more quickly and easily than any glass. The colour layer is designed to be very consistent, with high opacity that can cover any underlying wall finish and is permanently fused during extrusion, for maximum performance and longevity.

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