The Traceless Collection

The Traceless Collection

Surfaces you can touch, without leaving a trace

Wilsonart Traceless is a high pressure decorative laminate that can be used in the most demanding interior design applications where flexibility is paramount. This unique technology ensures that finger marks are almost never seen – substantially reducing care and maintenance efforts. The stunning, highly durable, smooth surface is impact, scratch and heat resistant.


Wilsonart Traceless features an anti-fingerprint technology that allows surfaces to be touched without leaving any fingerprints.


Traceless laminate from Wilsonart ensures smears, smudges, and streaks are almost never seen.


Accompanied by a smooth and silky texture the ultra-matt, velvety surface of Traceless has to be touched to be believed.

Demand the Best

Traceless is the perfect surface solution for designers requiring a high quality, durable surface. New Traceless Premium (TP) – can be used for horizontal surfaces with enhanced scratch resistance, food safe & antibacterial properties*.

*Compared to Traceless Standard (TS) that is recommended for vertical use only.

Beauty with Practicality

Cabinets are also high-touch surfaces, so solutions like flat panel doors with matching edgebands are ideal applications for Traceless. The Traceless collection covers a range of popular solid neutral colours in a soothing, matt finish.

*Please Note* Wilsonart Traceless TS is suitable for Vertical Applications. Wilsonart Traceless TP is suitable for both Vertical and Horizontal Applications.

Suggested uses

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