Homapal specialty laminates focuses on high quality interior design products ideal for use in retail, hospitality, residential, education, offices - wherever interiors need to be refined with elegant or usable surfaces. They offer architects, planners, designers and joiners a broad range in applications.

Our range of real metal, magnetic, writable & projection surfaces are continuously developed and adapted in line with the latest market trends. Thanks to our diverse ranges and broad spectrum of decors, our solutions offer an almost unlimited scope for creativity and customisation. The Homapal range is more than just a laminate, it is shaping emotions in interiors.


Bring the feel of real metal to your interiors, the unique colouring and sheen of HOMAPAL Real Metal (RM) laminate makes it particularly striking, with silver, gold, brass and copper bringing delicate sheen to creative designs.


HOMAPAL Magnetic & Writable (MW) laminate is available in a range of surfaces from writable gloss to chalkboard matt – plus an optional specialised projection surface for reduced Luxurious light reflectivity.


This innovative scratch-resistant matt (SRM) laminate with anti-fingerprint finish combines luxury with functionality and is provided on selected aluminium, copper and brass decors in various textures and colours.

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Markerboard & Magnetic


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