Memorable experiences to keep your customers coming back

Aside from location, design is probably the most important factor when creating an inviting, functional hospitality space. Some of the best designs incorporate surfaces that inspire a feeling that stays with customers, long after they have left the venue.

HOMAPAL Real Metal

Bring the feel of real metal to your hospitality venue with striking, silver, gold, brass and copper surfaces that stand out and leave a lasting impression. Real metal interior surfaces can be vibrant and warm, cool and glossy, strong or delicate – and always exude richness and opulence. Using thinly-rolled foils of real aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel, a special embossing technique provides a unique texturing that’s hard to replicate.

Wilsonart HPL Laminate

Wilsonart High Pressure Laminate offers unprecedented design, budget flexibility and is regarded as the most environmentally friendly decorative surface. Comprising a wear-resistant overlay, decorative sheet and impact-resistant kraft paper, it provides long-lasting beauty, function and performance. A high-performing, durable surface used for vertical and horizontal applications, Wilsonart’s HPL also offers a broad range of on-trend looks and texture possibilities.

Wilsonart LPM Panels

Wilsonart’s range of concrete laminates are the perfect solution for creating an industrial edge without the constraints of a complex installation. For a hand-poured concrete feel with a minimalist aesthetic, the LPM collection can be used for both vertical and horizontal applications and boasts a 10-year warranty. Whether as benchtops or feature walls, there are so many versatile looks that can add an arresting focal point to your interior hospitality space.

Wilsonart AEON Laminate

Higher-performing laminate is a key requirement for hospitality venues and Wilsonart’s AEON Laminate does not disappoint. A step up in design and performance, it boasts AEON enhanced performance technology that creates a surface more durable than ever before - meaning it can keep its good looks for longer. From Satin to High-gloss, there are an array of textures and finishes to suit any hospitality design.

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