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Caravan & RV

Choose a surface you’ll love, wherever your next adventure takes you

There’s nothing quite like hitting the road and discovering the beauty of Australia in your home-away-from-home. We’ve selected the below caravan products because we know that, even when you’re on the road, your surroundings should still reflect who you are. Whether your dream adventuring look is modern luxury or classic comfort, our caravan surface and cladding options promise high quality, durability and performance – wherever your journey takes you.

Wilsonart HPL Laminate

This versatile, high pressure laminate is perfect for use in your mobile home and comes with a 15-year warranty. With over 20 interior decors to choose from, including realistic wood grain, stone and marble, Wilsonart HPL Laminate is a popular choice for caravan and RV panelling that is both reliable and beautiful. It also has a tight bending radius to suit any space.


With incredible colour options to make your style stand out, this lightweight and rigid composite material is ideal for exterior applications. With high corrosion resistance, UV protection, thermal expansion, excellent processing parameters and the ability to print directly to the substrate, you’ll wonder why you didn’t choose DIBOND sooner.


Lightweight and easy to handle, Zenolite can be installed over new or existing wall finishes. The glass-like appearance allows for fantastic reflective properties, creating the illusion of extra space that is both inviting and attractive. With 12 inspiring looks to choose from, Zenolite is bacteria and mould resistant so that you can do less cleaning and enjoy more of the great outdoors.

Get inspired

Choosing interior decor that suits your unique taste can enhance your adventures and ensure you enjoy your time in your mobile home just as much as the beautiful Australian scenery. Proudly 100% Australian owned, ask for Wilsonart, DIBOND and Zenolite when designing your next caravan or RV adventure. Contact us directly to speak to our experts and find out who distributes our range at 1300 854 166.

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