Designer: Design Studio - Melbourne Museum
Installed by: Form Imagination
Location: Melbourne, VIC


December 9, 2022 / Commercial

Melbourne Museum - Tyama: A visually immersive experience to remember.

Tyama: A deeper sense of knowing.

A multisensory experience of nature transporting you to Victoria’s nocturnal words through immersive 360-degree responsive projections, breathtaking effects, and exquisite soundscapes. 

The exhibition is held at the Melbourne Museum and features six extraordinary digital environments to bring untold stories to life.

We supplied the project with HOMAPAL real metal surfaces for the Mirror Tunnel and Mirror Room environments, which were constructed using a variety of angles and shapes to create their effects.

The design made use of the mirrored finish of the HOMAPAL surface to bounce, reflect and distort the LED lights to create a mesmerising display.

HOMAPAL real metal surfaces are a high-quality, luxurious range of surfaces that are hard to imitate. They provide a great opportunity for unique applications, as they were used here.

Decors used were Spiegel Silver & Spiegel Smokey Grey.

The highly popular exhibition ran from July 2022 – January 2023.

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