Explore Wilsonart's Handle-Less Profile Solution

New 29mm ABS Edging

24 LPM Panel Decors

Streamlined Cabinets

Fuelled by an increasing demand for contemporary style, minimalist looks and the need to maximise space, we introduce our new Handle-less Profile Solution by Wilsonart®.

Call it a finger pull, bevelled edge or seamless handle, the result is an integrated and streamlined flow of units – beautiful as well as efficient.

Our new 29mm x 1mm ABS edging & matching Wilsonart® LPM Panels provides a complete handle-less profile solution!

New 29 x 1mm x 50m ABS Edging

Creating a seamless and integrated cabinet is the current trend which we could not meet with our 21mm ABS Edging. Opportunity came to us with a 29mm solution, in 24 beautiful decors.

We could have just launched this however providing a total solution to our customers is our priority, and as such we have our new Handle-less Profile Solution just for you by Wilsonart.

Two Traceless Collection Finishes Available

We have included our Black and Ebony Traceless HPL Panel (3600 x 1200 x 18mm) as this is a perfect solution in any kitchen, laundry, bathroom or office space.

Wilsonart® Traceless uses unique technology to ensures that finger marks are almost never seen thereby substantially reducing the effort required for care & maintenance.

This stunning yet highly durable smooth surface is impact, scratch & heat resistant. It does not stain & is easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for high use areas.

Here at HVG Decorative Building Products and Wilsonart we work together to ensure we meet the ever-changing demands and trends. We supply solutions nationally for you, without the cost of this high-end look!

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