It’s business as usual at HVG Decorative Building Products and production of your favourite Wilsonart decors!

As you know the HVG Group of Companies acquired Wilsonart Australia back in January of this year. The acquisition of Wilsonart Australia into the HVG Group has been an exciting addition to our business.

This acquisition has seen a new entity, HVG Manufacturing Pty Ltd established and they have taken over the current Wilsonart Australia manufacturing plant which produces your low-pressure melamine (LPM) panels, and cabinet doors. They are located in Craigieburn, Victoria and will remain on this site for the long-term future.

"Your existing supply of all Wilsonart Branded products, HPL laminate & LPM panel ranges will continue to be supplied by HVG Decorative Building Products."

All current direct customers and sales of Wilsonart & Arborite products by Wilsonart Australia has been transferred to HVG Decorative Building Products creating streamlined processes and systems for your product orders. We are and will continue to market and sell all of the Wilsonart branded products in the Australian market as per normal.

The only changes to you and your businesses will be our ability to ensure stability in supply, improved quality & lead times and a better focused range offer in the products that are manufactured in Australia. It will also ensure that the LPM manufactured by HVG Manufacturing in the future will be from a fully Australian owned company. This acquisition enables HVG Building to maximise the potential of the Wilsonart brands in the Australian market.

We look forward to continuing our supplying and producing of the Wilsonart Australia products you need now and into the future.

For further questions or concerns please contact your Account Manager or email us at

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