Interior Designer: Bau- und Möbeltischlerei Wendt
Carpenter: Bau- und Möbeltischlerei Wendt
Client: modulr Digital Design Studio
Location: Hamburg Germany


November 3, 2022 / Retail

HOMAPAL: Design agency modulr makes statements in the conference room.


modulr describes itself as a design studio for digital solutions. The agency helps start-ups, well-established companies and corporations to create brand experiences that provide real cohesion between the brand and the individual. The 17-strong team focuses on designing your customers’ brand, while developing content strategies and creating stories about products and services that evoke emotions, touch hearts and make them something to experience. Whether interaction design, UI applications, information architecture or desktop solutions: this is where digital natives reign, ones who have grown up with the new media since their childhood years and have developed expertise from deep-rooted training.


Branding, interaction, development, digital consulting and start-up accelerator – these are the five pillars on which modulr design studio’s content concept is based. Bound by no particular technology and entirely focused on the needs of its customers, the modulr team brings together its customers’ expertise with design excellence - for creative solutions that work and stand apart. Extending over two floors, the workspace exudes a genuine start-up feeling.

The third floor hosts a spacious conference room, providing inspiration and scope galore for new ideas.

This is where the team has presented the Homapal magnetic boards - decor 8207 - in an unassuming yet expressive way.

Magnetic and projection boards from Homapal have proven invaluable in conference rooms, design and architecture studios, educational establishments, in shop-fitting applications and in the home office. An iron foil embedded in the laminate even makes it possible to attach heavy utensils. Besides providing high magnetic holding power, they can also be projected on with minimal reflection due to the matt white finish.

The product complements the room’s outfit, this being one that is nothing short of impressive. Perfectly furnished and equipped with everything anyone could wish for in an environment of creative and inspiring interior design. The black wall provides the right setting for the plain white and practical magnetic boards, making them an absolute eye-catcher that is nothing short of impressive.

Engaging Wendt joinery and cabinet-making, modulr found a fabricator that specialises in creating furniture, making bespoke pieces and designing interiors.

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