A caravan road trip is an ideal holiday for a lot of Australians. It allows you to explore Australia at your leisure, with access to an enormous area of the country, and, after the initial financial outlay, you can save money on accommodation and some other travelling costs.

A caravan is literally your home away from home, and buying one can be as complicated as buying a home! It’s a big investment, and you want to make sure that you purchase the right one which fulfils all your needs. You also want to feel extremely comfortable in it, be proud of it, and love how it makes you feel. As such, there are numerous features you need to consider when making your purchase, and your dream caravan will deliver these to you, including the right dimensions, beautiful interiors, and other features you choose.

Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Caravan 

  • Intention: Is your caravan going to be for family weekends away, longer trips with kids, or for a couple to take holidays of weeks’ or months’ duration? Will you need off-road capability? Will your current vehicle be able to tow the caravan you choose? What are running costs? How much work is involved in setting it up? These considerations will dictate the basic features you need in your caravan. 
  • Size: larger luxury caravans can include a separate bedroom, and even shower and toilet facilities. Smaller caravans are more basic and more cost effective. How many people does your van need to sleep? Are you willing to share facilities in local holiday and tourist parks? You also need to consider how you will store your caravan when not travelling – can it be parked suitably at your home? 
  • New or Used? New caravans offer the best in safety and comfort, and can be custom-built to your taste. Second-hand caravans are obviously more affordable, but must always be bought from a licensed dealer to ensure clear title on the van and safety. Note that, like a house, second hand caravans can be renovated.
  • Interiors: you need your interiors to be attractive, appealing, highly durable, and easy to clean and maintain. Makers of caravans use a lot of laminate, as it is light and affordable, but not all laminate is equal! You need to know what kind of surfaces (including laminate) are in your caravan, and for interiors that last and look great for longer, you need to ensure great quality products have been used. If you’re buying a second-hand caravan, consider replacing older, dated laminate with modern Wilsonart laminates – they are top of the line products in an array of luxury colours and designs, and you can personalise your caravan interiors just as you would interiors in your home.
  • Fittings: these are the small things that make a big difference. They include storage space, sinks and tapware, light fittings, etc. Make sure you look at options before making the choice.


The more questions you ask yourself and the seller, the better purchase you will make eventually. So make sure to buy a caravan that brings you pleasure – from the outside into every nook and cranny inside. If it is second-hand and not perfect renovate the interiors and make alterations to suit your purposes and taste! Only then will it feel amazing to you and be worth the money you spend.



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