Creating Kids’ Play Area in Hotel: Fun, Safe and Vibrant!

One really important feature of a modern hotel is the provision of a kids’ play area. This is a designated area for children who accompany their parents to play in a safe and secure environment while their parents can relax and enjoy themselves. Any children’s play area will likely need to cater to children from... Read article


Top Tips to Make Your New Kitchen Look Brand New for Longer

You’ve just had a beautiful new kitchen installed: it looks, feels, and smells fantastic! Spending time in your kitchen is not just a pleasure – it’s a joy. Even cleaning your new kitchen is no chore! So how do you keep your new kitchen in this beautiful, brand new condition for longer? How can you make... Read article


Healthcare Interiors: Things to Consider when Planning a Hospital

When it comes to healthcare interior design, you need to remember that hospitals and medical facilities have their own unique and complex set of specifications. Hospitals are comprised of an array of services, and units within the hospital must be functional for their specific purposes. Services include patient care, clinical laboratories, surgery and emergency rooms,... Read article


Street Cafes: Create the Atmosphere to Attract More Customers

Cafes are enjoying a huge level of popularity now. Many of us love a good coffee, and there is no more preferred place to meet with friends, conduct casual business meetings, work remotely, or relax with a book or magazine than in a cafe. With so many cafes out there, it’s a very competitive industry... Read article


Custom Laminate: Most Frequent Questions Answered

Custom laminate is sometimes the best option if you want something unique for your interiors. This particularly applies to commercial and office interiors – where you may want fun worktops, doors, or feature wall panels that represent your brand. Custom laminate can be a very cool and impressive way to apply your brand identity to... Read article


Buying your Dream Caravan – Things you Need to Know

A caravan road trip is an ideal holiday for a lot of Australians. It allows you to explore Australia at your leisure, with access to an enormous area of the country, and, after the initial financial outlay, you can save money on accommodation and some other travelling costs. A caravan is literally your home away from... Read article


Hotel Interior: Designing Comfort and Luxury for Your Guests

Most people believe that a hotel interior is of really high importance in hospitality industry. Whenever you stay in a hotel, you want to feel that you are getting the very best experience for what you are paying for. In a luxury hotel, everything must be top notch including amenities, facilities, service, location, and dining options. Luxury extends... Read article


9 Proven Ways to Create an Outstanding Office

Whether you are blessed with a huge office or you only have a small amount of space to work within, an outstanding office aesthetically-speaking is most certainly within your grasp. With clever furniture arrangement, use of innovative materials, and a little know-how, you can create a beautiful and functional office that is a pleasure to... Read article


Creating a Top-Notch Kitchen: Choose the Right Wall Panels

Wall panels can be an important detail in an outstanding kitchen. You can use them as a main material on the wall (as opposed to paint, for example), or to add interest to a certain part of the kitchen – as a decorative element. We’ve already talked about kitchen splashbacks, cupboards, and benchtops, but what... Read article


Creating a Top-Notch Kitchen: Choose the Right Benchtop

This time we are talking about a kitchen benchtop. No use mentioning that this is one the most important surfaces on your kitchen, as well as most highly used. You want it to be beautiful and practical, and last really long. Health and wellbeing of your family can also depend on the benchtop, so you... Read article

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