Xtreme Matt offers a silky-soft matt finish available in Wilsonart® woodgrain range of LPM décors and represents a new direction in the evolving story of the Australian interior building market. It is a new extremely tactile product which is inspired by nature and manufactured with durability in mind. This brand-new range pairs the unparalleled quality of Wilsonart® laminate with authentic woodgrain décors for a remarkable look and feel.

Xtreme Matt finish has come out of the Interzum Fair in Cologne in 2017, and is the first finish with these unique qualities to be represented in Australia.

Xtreme Matt woodgrain panels are currently available in 22 colours to suit many styles and colour schemes, ranging from realistic natural woodgrains or modern interpretations of wood grain colour and structure. The stocked thickness of the board is 16mm, with 12mm, 18mm, 25mm and 32mm options available on request.

The Xtreme Matt Woodgrain Range is an ideal melamine panel solution for interior designers and architects who value a clean natural look, durability and the use of eco friendly materials. Xtreme Matt is on trend, smooth, practical, affordable and is a smart choice for any interior vertical surface.

With stock held in HVG warehouses across Australia, Xtreme Matt decorative panels are available through all our Distribution Centres. Please click decors below to read more.


wilsonart_sml_0029_Natural Ash

Natural Ash

wilsonart_sml_0055_Blond Echo

Blond Echo

blonde beech sm

Blonde Beech

7909 Fusion Maple

Fusion Maple

wilsonart_sml_0031_Crema Relativo

Crema Relativo

wilsonart_sml_0026_Pewter Oak

Pewter Oak

wilsonart_sml_0025_Painted Ash

Painted Ash

wilsonart_sml_0004_Atlanta Cherry

Atlanta Cherry

wilsonart_sml_0056_New Age Oak

New Age Oakwilsonart_sml_0051_BrazilwoodBrazilwood

Landmark Wood 7981 312x312

Landmark Wood

4295 Valencia Walnut sml

Valencia Walnut

wilsonart_sml_0053_Colombian Walnut

Colombian Walnut

4287-Noble Oak_1440 sml

Noble Oak

wilsonart_sml_0048_Studio Teak

Studio Teak

wilsonart_sml_0032_Bruno Relativo

Bruno Relativo

wilsonart_sml_0030_Castagna Relativo

Castagna Relativo

wilsonart_sml_0033_Grigio Relativo

Grigio Relativo

wilsonart_sml_0000_Congratti Wood

Congratti Wood

wilsonart_sml_0031_Tulip Smoke

Tulip Smoke

wilsonart_sml_0050_Asian Night

Asian Night

Wenge Sambessi

Wenge Sambessi