Wilsonart Chemsurf Launches New Decors.

"Perfect for areas that are vulnerable to chemical attack"

Specifically designed for environments where chemicals and harsh cleaners are used, Wilsonart Chemsurf provides exceptional chemical resistance without sacrificing style. When you need to specify a surface that is resistant to the harshest of acids, bases and solvents, but not at the expense of design, Wilsonart Chemsurf Laminate and Chemsurf Protector Compact are the perfect solution.

Chemsurf HPL Laminate

Available in postforming grade laminate, Wilsonart Chemsurf offers practicality without sacrificing design and style. And is often less expensive upfront and over its life cycle than alternatives such as stainless steel, or slate while also being more versatile.

Intended for both horizontal and vertical applications, Wilsonart® Chemsurf laminate can be applied and is perfect for areas that are vulnerable to chemical attack. Available in ten colours, Chemsurf® laminate can be postformed so is ideal for applications where it is desirable to roll the laminate on a simple radius over the substrate to eliminate seams, which are otherwise vulnerable to chemicals.

  • 0.8mm thick and postformable to 16mm (10mm in some cases) radius.
  • Ideal for benchtops, doors, splash backs and low traffic, low equipment use areas.
  • Range of ten decors, including neutrals and accent colours.
  • 15 year warranty
  • Over 20 years experience creating the most productive chemical resistant products.

Chemsurf Protector Compact Laminate

Available in compact laminate Wilsonart Chemsurf offers practicality without sacrificing design and style. And is often less expensive upfront and over its life cycle than alternatives such as stainless steel, or slate while also being more versatile.

As with postforming grade laminate, Chemsurf compact laminate can be applied to both horizontal and vertical applications, however due to its extra thickness and strength compact laminate does not require a substrate. Available in a choice of two thicknesses and four colours, Wilsonart Chemsurf compact laminate incorporates our Protector layers, adding incredible scuff, scratch and impact resistance to its chemical environment credentials.

  • 12.7mm and 16mm thicknesses with no substrate required
  • Exceptional impact and scratch resistance – Designed for high traffic areas
  • Range of four popular neutral decors

10 stylish décor options to choose from

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