11th July 2014

Wilsonart® release the first two products in their High Performance Series. Chemsurf® Laminate and Chemsurf® Protector Compact Laminate have been developed to provide solutions for environments requiring a resistance to the harshest of chemicals. A specialty product allowing users practicality without sacrificing design and style.

Available in postforming grade laminate or compact laminate, Chemsurf® is suitable for highly corrosive environments, specific applications may include laboratory bench tops, fascia panels in laboratory furniture, hospital or health facility countertops, photographic processing areas, through to nail salons.

Wilsonart and HVG continue to develop product to provide the Australian market with greater design options at a high quality standard. Coupled with the dedicated service both Wilsonart and HVG are known for, Australia has better options than ever before in decorative laminate choice.

The number one laminate brand in the USA and one of the leading brands worldwide, Wilsonart offers superior quality, and a wide choice of materials suited to a range of commercial and residential decorative building applications.



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