Creating a Top-Notch Kitchen: Choose The Right Splashback

The kitchen, perhaps more than any other space in a home, is a heavy usage area, and a quality splashback is critical. Between cooking, food preparation, and washing up, the entire area can become dirty, grimy, mouldy, and even rusty (where metals are present).

Part of avoiding this is to choose the right materials and surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain, and that mitigate the growth of mould and mildew. From your benchtop surfaces to your cupboard door panels and your splashbacks, choosing durable materials that are easy to clean and keep dry is of paramount importance if you want your kitchen to be functional and look amazing.

kitchen splashback

The Right Splashback

The right choice of splashback in your kitchen will take you a long way to avoiding dirt, grease, and grime build-up, as well as growth of mould. When you have a great splashback material and it is installed and maintained correctly, your kitchen will go from drab to fab in an instant – and remain that way much longer.

Traditionally, splashbacks were made from tile. Not only it looks somewhat dated today; tile is very difficult to keep clean and mould-free. Even if the tiles are cleaned thoroughly, grout between tiles is near impossible to keep clean, dry and free of mildew and mould growth. This is because moisture gets into the grout and it stays damp.

Modern kitchens use an array of fantastic products for splashbacks, and these not only improve the functionality and cleanliness of your kitchen, they look amazing! They also protect your kitchen walls from grease, grime, and moisture.

One of the amazing splashback options we have for your kitchen is the glass-look Zenolite for a contemporary kitchen with a pop of colour. With Zelolite you get the look and feel of glass at a great price and minimum effort.

Other Kitchen Surfaces

It’s not only your splashback that you need to consider for a top notch kitchen. Choose carefully when you select benchtop surface materials, your sink, your cupboards and their doors, and even wall panels and kick boards. The right choice of materials will not only make your kitchen more functional and easier to clean – it will make the space look amazing and feel wonderful to be in. Stay tuned for more helpful tips!



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