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December 9, 2022 / Commercial

TK Maxx: Their stores will have you seeing red… Wilsonart Regimental Red.

The home of big brands, at small prices.

TK Maxx are a large international brand that sells clothing, apparel, homeware, giftware and more. The well-loved retail stores can be found all across Europe and Australia, also known as TJ Maxx throughout the USA. 

The brand was launched in Australia in 2017 when they took over 35 Australian stores that were trading under a different brand, owned by the parent company, TJX Companies. There are currently 80+ stores throughout Australia. 

HVG Decorative Building Products have supplied 16+ stores in Australia since beginning of the relationship in 2020.

The stores use Wilsonart Regimental Red LPM panels for the service counters, cabinetry, and some in store signage.

The eye-catching red surface was a great match for the department stores brand colours and will continue to be used for future store openings or fitouts around the country.

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