Street Cafes: Create the Atmosphere to Attract More Customers

Cafes are enjoying a huge level of popularity now. Many of us love a good coffee, and there is no more preferred place to meet with friends, conduct casual business meetings, work remotely, or relax with a book or magazine than in a cafe.

With so many cafes out there, it’s a very competitive industry and simply offering a great cup of coffee is not going to be enough to attract and retain customers. You need to make a great first impression and stand out from the crowd. The way your street cafe can do this from the outset is with fantastic, stylish interiors that create welcoming and comfortable atmosphere – a place people want to be.

Tips for Stylish Cafes

First and foremost, simplicity is the key when designing a street cafe. Whether your theme is rustic, modern, classic, or vibrant, a clean design means that every element of your interiors has been carefully considered. The overall effect should be cohesive and pleasing to the eye.

Choose furniture that is comfortable yet strong, stable, durable, easy to clean and maintain, and that complements your aesthetic. A great idea is to incorporate functionality with comfort, so that those who wish to linger feel comfortable to do so. Note that even if your cafe is a cosy space, you don’t want to make seating so soft that customers will be inclined to fall asleep!

Choose the right materials for your interiors. Moppable floors are much cleaner and more sensible an option than carpet. Consider custom laminate for booth partitions, wall panels, tabletops, and counters – it is durable, easy to keep clean, and available in a vast array of finishes to suit any decor theme. If you use fabric for furnishings such as chairs, choose thick and strong fabrics that are dry cleanable and stain resistant.

Mood plays a huge part in the success of a street cafe and lighting helps to set the mood. Too dim or too bright lighting will cause discomfort and make foods and beverages look less than perfect. Natural daylight is most comfortable for customers, so make the most of this when it’s available. Big windows letting in morning sun with a nice view outside will work best if this is an option, making customers feel positive and upbeat.

Space is important. Make the best use of the space you have, and experiment with furniture placement. Don’t cram too many tables in, as room to move and feel like you have your own space is important for customer satisfaction.

Aromas are important for cafes. When the coffee you make and the food you serve smells fantastic, people will love to patronise your cafe. There is no need to use oil burners, fragrant candles, air fresheners or perfumes if your coffee smells great – these will simply overpower the coffee aroma and overwhelm the senses of your customers.

Determine the aesthetic you’re aiming for from the outset. This will incorporate your cafe style, demographic, location (e.g. beachside versus mountains; business precinct versus by a local school), and whether the space will be frequented predominantly by a professional crowd, mums with bubs, students, or seniors. The finished space needs to last and look and feel great for s long time – so choose the right interiors from the word go!



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