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HVG Decorative Building Products proudly presents our innovative and stylish decorative interior product range.

We focus on innovation, technology and design trends to ensure we can meet the Architectural, Interior Design, Commercial and Residential market we thrive in.

Our flagship brand Wilsonart is represented by a world-leading range of high performing Decorative HPL laminates and LPM panels in unique designs and finishes for both residential and commercial interiors applications.

Wilsonart Decorative LPM Panels are a refined and cost effective option for a range of applications. Ideal for amazing kitchens, wall cladding in residential and commercial fit-outs and an array of other interior needs. Available in a large number of trendy décors and finishes such as Hewn, Glis, Xtreme Matt & Velvet.

As one of the most innovative decorative surface materials on the market, Wilsonart® HPL Laminates offers long-lasting beauty and reliable performance at an affordable price. Wilsonart HPL Laminates feature realistic decors that provide a cost-effective alternative to engineered stones and solid surfaces. Our on-trend decors include some of the most popular concretes and stones in refreshed designs which are also capable of being post formed with very tight radiuses giving a modern square edge.

Our unique Wilsonart® Traceless ensures that finger marks are almost never seen. This stunning yet highly durable smooth surface is impact, scratch and heat resistant. It does not stain & is easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for high use areas.

This incredible technology ensures that finger marks are almost never seen thereby substantially reducing the effort required for care & maintenance.

For the harshest environments Wilsonart® Chemsurf HPL Laminate and Wilsonart® Chemsurf Compact Laminate are the ranges people have been going to for over 20 years. These products are chemical resistant and can be used in highly corrosive areas like laboratories, educational institutions, hospitals through to nail and beauty salons. That’s where style and high durability meet.

Wilsonart® Markerboard Laminate can be used anywhere from conference rooms, educational spaces to hospital cafeterias and retail shops. It is a dual-purpose laminate suitable for projection and dry or wet erase uses.

See our entire Wilsonart range here

Zenolite® transforms spaces with living colour. Designed and manufactured in Australia, Zenolite is an ideal solution for both residential, RV and commercial applications.

Zenolite is manufactured from two layers of acrylic, co-extruded into a single sheet. A vibrant colour layer is capped with a crystal-clear top layer to create a panel of incredible depth, gloss and clarity.

12 beautiful on trend decors are available. It is extremely lightweight and can be installed over existing wall finishes. Choosing Zenolite over tiles or glass saves time and money can be fabricated on site with significantly less jointing required. Zenolite’s surface is resistant to mould and bacteria, therefore making it easy to clean and maintain. Truly unique.

HOMAPAL® Real Metal Laminate allows you to bring that luxurious feel of metal into your interior. Suited to vertical use, HOMAPAL Real Metal Laminates offer an enviable choice of colours and patterns. It is the unique colouring and sheen as well as the exceptional touch which makes this product so striking.

Our HOMAPAL Real Metal collection comprises of 17 metal finishes, satisfying a wide range of tastes from classic to modern, design orientated to artistic.

HOMAPAL® Magnetic Laminate is available in a range of surfaces from writable gloss to chalkboard matt, it is also specialised in projection surfaces. HOMAPAL Magnetic have a high degree of holding/sticking power combined with the fact that the surface, available in a range of colours, can be written on opens a whole world of diverse applications.

DIBOND® is a light-weight and rigid composite material that is ideal for large signage applications, displays and exhibitions, POS / POP display, digital & screen printing, photo mounting, interior design, industry and transport. It has long term colour consistency, excellent rigidity and formability.

SmartPanel® is our Acrylic Panel Solution ideal for use in kitchen and vanity cabinets, laundry cabinets, office partitions and furniture, wardrobe and passageways doors, retail displays and mobile home and caravan joinery. It has a high-quality luxury appearance, and a repairable surface. SmartPanel® delivers a mirror SuperGloss and a smooth SuperMatt finish.

SIBU Design is a synonym for precision, innovation and style. SIBU Design catches the eye with fashionable patterns and a first-class product finish. There in-house design team gathers inspiration from fashion, architecture, furniture, the automotive industry and sport.

SIBU Design is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, synthetic design panels that have been specially developed for interior, furniture, shop, fashion, architectural and display design purposes.

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