Open-Plan or Cubicles: What is Best for Your Office Life

If you are an office-based business with any number of employees, at some point you will need to decide how to arrange your office space in the best possible way.  The key question of the office interior would be if you prefer the open-plan office organisation or cubicles. The choice would pretty much depend on the type of your organisational structure, your priorities, and the image of your business. So the basic thing for you to consider is whether to make your office open-plan or a series of cubicle work stations.

After the large, open and spacious work areas of the early twentieth century, cubicles were introduced to the office furnishing market in 1967, as a way to increase efficiency in the workplace, and they transformed office culture. Over the decades since then, the trend has somewhat reversed and the benefits of an open-plan office are again being greatly appreciated. Open-plan workspaces are now seen by many business owners as being more collaborative and better for workplace relations and creativity. In a team environment, the open-plan office is a very valuable tool.

Many office furniture suppliers are now offering a choice, delivering furnishing for open plan work as well as stylish cubicle partitions made from compact laminates. And no matter which one you choose, you can always enhance your office interior with feature surfaces such as writable or magnetic walls to foster creative brainstorming and boost team work.


Is an open-plan office right for your business?

Open-plan is currently seen as modern. Pros include freedom of communication, easier collaboration, better resource sharing, maximised innovation, and a more affordable way to furnish an office. Open-plan is also better for lighting efficiency and air flow, and is great for a growing business when room needs to be made to accommodate new employees. More than that, people can arrive at the office, take a spare chair and socket, connect their laptop to the network and they are all set up for the day.

Is there a downside to open-plan offices? Some employees report that noise and distraction can be issues in this kind of environment, as can lack of privacy. Sick leave may also be higher in an open-plan work area as opposed to individual cubicles.

But in our opinion the best option should incorporate both styles of office interiors to a reasonable extent! Use open-plan creative spaces alongside cubicles for when a private workspace is required. And as was discussed earlier in our blog, make sure you follow some simple steps to create an appealing and functional office.

You may want to:

  • Keep desktops clutter-free and clean,
  • Maximise hidden storage,
  • Create separate zones for computer-based work and paper-based work,
  • Make meeting rooms and reception areas inviting and inspiring spaces, with decorative panels,
  • Ensure recreational areas are relaxing and welcoming – a space to leave work behind during a lunch break,
  • Update restrooms with products like fresh tap ware, sinks, hand dryers, soap dispensers, and quality washroom systems.

With some careful consideration you can make the decision of whether you need an open-plan or cubicles or a reasonable combination of both. And then transform your office into a work environment that will motivate and inspire employees to deliver their best every single day.



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