Announcing New Wilsonart Traceless Laminate Colours

In HVG Decorative Building Products, we are happy to announce that five new colours of Wilsonart Traceless laminate have landed in HVG warehouses.

The new colours include:

Arctic White – a clean bright white,

Port – a deep full red,

Cornflower – a dark navy blue,

Monocrete – a mottled dark black on grey concrete look, and

Night Wood – a dark deep brown walnut woodgrain structure.

4140_EM_Night_Wood-small 3563_Monocrete0179_arctic_white D14-Port 0777_Cornflower

The addition to our Traceless family complements the range of our laminates with fingerprint-proof technology and adds variety to the available décors.

The unique technology behind Traceless laminate ensures that finger marks are almost never seen on the surface reducing the effort for care and maintenance.

This stunning silky-touch laminate does not stain, is extremely classy and is easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for high usage areas.

Browse our Wilsonart Traceless range and order samples today!