You’ve just had a beautiful new kitchen installed: it looks, feels, and smells fantastic! Spending time in your kitchen is not just a pleasure – it’s a joy. Even cleaning your new kitchen is no chore! So how do you keep your new kitchen in this beautiful, brand new condition for longer? How can you make it last?

Top 3 Tips to Make your New Kitchen Last Longer

Talk to your Kitchen Maker: this is the expert who can offer the best one-on-one advice for your specific kitchen. Not only do you need to ask him or her specifics on how to keep all aspects of your kitchen clean and well maintained and which products are best to use (from bench tops to splashbacks and even sinks and stoves), you also need to make sure of any special treatments or cautions with your new kitchen. For example, natural stone like marble can stain and will need periodic sealing to prevent this from happening. You need to be aware of this and take precautions if necessary.

Choose the Right Materials: Your kitchen must first and foremost be functional. This requires careful consideration not only of its layout and storage capacity but also of the materials used. Choose top quality surface materials that are strong, durable, easy to clean and maintain and look amazing. While the above-mentioned marble might seem like the epitome of luxury, it’s not always a wise choice for a kitchen – and it’s incredibly expensive. Instead, choose high quality products like Wilsonart Laminate for bench tops and cupboards, or Zenolite panels. These products are available in a wide range of stylish and classy finishes, are extremely durable and are great value for money. They are adaptable and built to last, while looking great for a very extended period. Easy to clean, they won’t stain and won’t need replacement anytime soon if cared for as per manufacturer recommendations.

Keep and Read the Maintenance and Care Documents. Your kitchen maker should provide you with maintenance documentation and warranty document for your new kitchen. Don’t throw this away! Read it and then put it in a safe place (bottom drawer in the kitchen is a good idea) so that it’s close at hand for future reference.

Your brand new kitchen will be your pride and joy. Take time to choose your kitchen maker and materials wisely, and look after it well once it is installed. Doing so will allow you to enjoy this new space for many years to come.



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