Shaping emotions in interiors

Adding a touch of avant-garde luxury or simple elegance to interior spaces, metal laminates are perfect for providing that special flair to vertical applications. The texture of silver, bronze, brass and copper surfaces enliven the senses and create inspiring areas in retail, offices, educational spaces, hotels and restaurants.


HOMAPAL specialty laminates offer high quality interior design products across a broad spectrum of colours and decors, providing unlimited scope for creativity and customisation.


Using thinly-rolled foils of real aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel, a special embossing technique gives real metal laminate surfaces a unique and memorable texturing.


This innovative scratch-resistant matt (SRM) laminate with anti-fingerprint finishing combines luxury with functionality in our newest range release and is ideal for a range of applications.

Hard-wearing and

Using a special technique, this brand new SRM range creates an extraordinary, ultra-matt look with an innovative anti-fingerprint function. The result of this process is a hard-wearing, scratch-resistant surface while'

Enliven the senses

The HOMAPAL metal collection features opulent, rich decors that never waver from the highest standards of quality. Ranging from classic to modern, strong to delicate, vibrant and warm or cool and glossy, HOMAPALā€˜s real metal (RM) laminates never fail to captivate.

Suggested uses

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