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A lesson in form and function: Markerboard & Magnetic Laminates

In recent years we’ve seen a rise in the demand for versatile, hardworking spaces being built in commercial projects, from schools, to offices and co-work spaces. These spaces required future-orientated shared project rooms, areas for co-working, meeting rooms and special “break-out zones” to foster collaboration and creativity. These high-demanding spaces require versatile materials that blend functionality with design.


Workable surfaces where it’s possible to pin, attach, write or project images onto walls further support productivity and joint brainstorming. Magnetic HPL Laminates can be utilised in education and commercial office spaces, but are also versatile enough to be utilised in commercial kitchens & hospitality projects, retail environments & in residential spaces. Transforming once bare walls into functional vertical surfaces that can be utilised as canvas’ and storage.

HOMAPAL Black Magnetic Matt Chalk HPL Laminate.


Whilst this article focuses on the technical benefits and functionality of these spaces, our recent case studies on completed projects showcase the beauty of these surfaces. Some great examples of recent works utilising HOMAPAL Markerboards & Magnetics include the conference space designed for modulr Design Studio and a university science centre completed by Matern Architekten.


Modulr design agency conference space designed by Bau- und Möbeltischlerei Wendt, featuring HOMAPAL White Magnetic Gloss HPL Panel & White Magnetic Projection HPL.


While designing and building these high-performing spaces, it’s important to look further into the technical capabilities of these laminates. While Magnetic & Markerboard serve many functional benefits that foster productivity and collaboration, there are more benefits to these surfaces than meets the eye.


Modern life, work and study require long periods of focus and exposure to harsh lighting in offices, on screens and on smartphones which can cause strain and distraction. Surfaces with a low Luminance Reflectance Value (LVR), such as our Markerboards & Magnetics reduce glare, improve visual clarity and create a calming environment. Resulting in improved visual comfort, productivity and focus, and improving the overall well-being of the students, employees and visitors utilising these spaces.


University of Paderborn’s Zukunftsmeile 2 designed by Matern Architekten, featuring HOMAPAL White Magnetic Gloss HPL Laminate.

HOMAPAL & Wilsonart offer a range of innovative and versatile Markerboard and Magnetic surfaces that blend functionality with design; available in five decors and pre-pressed panels are held locally to reduce lead times.

Transform your next education, healthcare, hospitality, office or workplace project with HVG Decorative Building’s innovative range of Magnetic and Markerboard. Contact us to learn more


Sydney Office designed by KOMAD, featuring HOMAPAL White Magnetic Gloss HPL Laminate.

Our range

HVG Decorative Building distributes HOMAPAL and Wilsonart Magnetic & Markerboard Laminates, with pre-pressed panels held locally to ensure fast turnaround and reduce lead times for your project.

HOMAPAL Markerboard & Magnetic

The perfect blend of functionality and design. Designed and manufactured in Germany, HOMAPAL high-quality magnetic & writable laminates are available in a range of surfaces from writable gloss to chalkboard matt – plus an optional specialised projection surface for reduced light reflectivity. All Laminates hold a Group 2 Fire Rating.



Wilsonart Markerboard 

Wilsonart White Markerboard laminate is exclusively distributed by HVG Decorative Building. Wilsonart Frosty White 09 Markerboard is a non-magnetic markerboard suitable for a range of vertical applications, with a Group 3 Fire Rating.

It can be curved and post-formed without fractures or bleeding, unlike other surfaces in the market, making it suitable for applications such as flat and curved walls.



With the increase in time spent on screens, long work and study hours, distractions, and multi-tasking required in today’s world, surfaces with low reflectance are more crucial than ever to improve visual comfort, productivity, and overall well-being.

The benefits of low-reflective surfaces include:

1. Reduced glare

Glare is caused by excessive brightness or extreme contrast in light, which can lead to discomfort and visual fatigue. Surfaces with low reflectance help minimise glare by absorbing more light rather than reflecting it. This creates a more uniform lighting environment, which reduces eye strain and enhances visual comfort.

2. Improving Visual Clarity

In environments with high reflectance surfaces, the light reflecting off these surfaces can create reflections and hotspots that distract the eyes and reduce the ability to focus on tasks. Low reflectance surfaces prevent these reflections, allowing for better visual clarity and concentration, which is particularly important for tasks that require sustained attention, such as reading, writing, or computer work.

3. Enhancing Contrast

For reading and detailed work, having a good contrast between the text or objects and the background is essential. Low reflectance surfaces can help maintain this contrast without introducing additional reflections that might obscure details. This is particularly beneficial in environments where accurate color perception and detail recognition are necessary, such as in design, engineering, and medical settings.

4. Creating a Calming Environment

High reflectance surfaces can contribute to a harsh, overly bright environment that might feel sterile or uncomfortable. Conversely, low reflectance surfaces often result in softer, more muted lighting, contributing to a calming and pleasant atmosphere. This can positively affect mood and reduce stress, enhancing overall well-being and productivity in working and studying environments.

5. Supporting Energy Efficiency

In spaces with artificial lighting, low reflectance surfaces can support more efficient lighting design. Instead of relying on higher-intensity lights to overcome reflective glare, lighting can be optimized for uniformity and sufficiency. This can result in energy savings and lower utility costs, as well as reduced environmental impact.

The LVR rating, along with additional features of our range can be found below, with additional technical data and documentation which can be downloaded here.

Interested in Markerboard or Magnetic Laminates for your next project? Contact us to check availability, pricing and to learn more

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