Most people believe that a hotel interior is of really high importance in hospitality industry. Whenever you stay in a hotel, you want to feel that you are getting the very best experience for what you are paying for. In a luxury hotel, everything must be top notch including amenities, facilities, service, location, and dining options. Luxury extends from the premium service you receive on arrival to the comfort of your bed; to the small touches like provided toiletry items, and the interiors themselves. All the above offers an experience that is memorable and that makes you feel very special.

From the moment you walk through the doors of your hotel, your experience begins. This is delivered to you on your very first impression, and a luxury hotel will offer superior, exquisite interiors. From the lobby entrance to the reception area; from the restaurant to the bar; from the public restrooms to your private accommodations; and from the hotel pool to the conference rooms, the interiors and small touches will speak for themselves.


For interior designers, features of a luxury hotel interior include:

  • Style. Each hotel has its own unique atmosphere and style. Beit a modern, classic, art deco, rustic, or anything else, you will feel it in every detail as soon as you enter. This is the first impression that a hotel interior gives, and the lasting memory about your stay in the hotel.
  • Light. Great use of light, both natural and artificial, including big windows, skylights, accent lighting, and block-out curtains in bedrooms. With well-considered light and the right furnishings, the hotel will feel cosy and more like home than a public area. This is very important for ultimate relaxation. From mood lighting in the bar to makeup-friendly lighting in the in-room bathroom, the right lighting matters. By making as much use of natural light as possible, you will save money.
  • Surfaces and textures. Top-notch surfaces add visual appeal and can make an otherwise bland room look rich and warm. Select these mindfully to ultimately get luxury look and feel. From reception to coffee table, wall panels to bathroom surfaces, the right surfaces in a hotel interior will look amazing and be durable and easy to maintain. The need for great surfaces extends from reception areas to hallways and further in-room, as well as function areas, bars, and dining areas. Examples of unique surface products that work beautifully in a luxury hotel are Zenolite and Sibu that represent the top level of decors for interior surfaces.
  • Bedding. Beds with top quality, 100% cotton sheets and bedspreads made of natural fibres. Mattresses need to be firm but not too hard, and a truly luxury hotel will offer a range of pillow options. A great quality of sleep is the biggest indicator of a happy guest.
  • Details. Rooms will offer small but important touches – including a flat-screen TV, luxury toiletries, fluffy white towels, a full-length mirror, a coffee maker, a quiet temperature control system, quality hangers, robes, a well-stocked mini-bar, etc. Everything form a pen on the coffee table to slippers in the room are here to make your stay comfortable and worry-free.

With clever design and attention to detail, you can imbue your hotel with comfort and luxury that are so highly appreciated by the guests, who will not want to leave this beautiful place.




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