Custom Laminate: Most Frequent Questions Answered

Custom laminate is sometimes the best option if you want something unique for your interiors. This particularly applies to commercial and office interiors – where you may want fun worktops, doors, or feature wall panels that represent your brand. Custom laminate can be a very cool and impressive way to apply your brand identity to your interiors.

The great news is that with Wilsonart, you can get these customised features at an affordable price and within a reasonable time frame for delivery.

What do you need to know about Wilsonart Custom Laminate before you make your decision?


Custom laminate is great for branding and interior customisation. All custom laminates are suitable for applications where any other Wilsonart laminate products are used. These include wall panelling, bathroom cubicle partitions, doors, cupboards, work tops, tables, etc. It is an ideal solution in shops, restaurants, cafes, medical facilities, schools and day care facilities, public areas, and many other similar entities.


Not only does Wilsonart offer a range of unique designs (accessible in their Virtual Design Library, or VDL); with HVG managing the process, you can alternatively develop your own tailored design and the laminate can be printed specially for you. And despite custom design, the quality remains the same – the highest quality laminate in the industry.


Price for custom laminate varies and is comparable to what you’d expect to pay for standard laminate products. The standard range of products in the virtual design library is similar in price to the Wilsonart HD range. Custom designs will be priced on application.

Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum order quantity for custom laminate is just one sheet, so there is no obligation to stock up. Just get as much or as little as you need.

Lead and Delivery Times

Orders placed from the VDL range are, in most cases, despatched from Wilsonart within seven to ten days of receiving the order. Custom designs require more work and hence more time. Lead times for these orders will be quoted after the design has been received by Wilsonart; custom designs require the development of a lab sample for which the customer signs off on the finished laminate.


Custom laminate is printed in the USA and shipped to Australia via sea freight. This incurs a lead time of between ten and twelve weeks. For an additional fee, to be quoted based on the size of your order, items can be sent via air freight and this results in a lead time of between twenty-one and thirty days. So, this is up to you how and when you want it delivered.

But as you can see, there is no easier or more convenient way to customise and uniquely brand your interiors than with custom laminate. Like all other Wilsonart laminate products, custom laminate is light, strong, durable, easy to clean and maintain, and looks amazing for a long time – exactly what you need for your commercial or business interiors!



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