One really important feature of a modern hotel is the provision of a kids’ play area. This is a designated area for children who accompany their parents to play in a safe and secure environment while their parents can relax and enjoy themselves.

Any children’s play area will likely need to cater to children from toddlerhood up to age ten. It needs to be primarily safe, but also fun and very obviously created with children in mind – bright, colourful, and appealing, as well as easy to identify and find.

What Are the Important Features of a Kids’ Play Area?

It will Stand Out: the kids’ area should be custom-designed as such. It will be bright and vibrant, using lots of primary colours with appealing designs on the walls, floors, installations, and more. It could even be themed – for example, an under the sea theme, a dinosaur theme, or a zoo theme. It will be located close to the dining or sitting area so that it’s easy for parents to supervise. It should also have fast and easy access to restrooms.

Easy to Clean: choosing the right surfaces is essential. They will be strong, sturdy, durable, and easy to keep clean. Wilsonart laminate is an example of an ideal material for interiors in a kids’ play area – from wall panels to tabletops and more. Additionally, Wilsonart laminate can be customised to your design specifications to suit your theme. If kids want to write or draw on the walls, they can! Just use markerboard or chalkboard wall panelling and suitable markers and chalk.

Safety Features: ideally, if available space allows for it, there should be separate areas for children under and over the age of five years. The play area will be undercover or indoors, custom designed to place safety as a priority. Features like a soft landing floor, padded walls and safety nets are important to consider.

Fun: Kids want to have fun and want to play in their area! Consider a slide, a ball pit, balance beams, jumping and climbing installations, and even crawl tunnels. Older kids will appreciate gaming stations or a place to watch movies.

Put as much thought into your kids’ play area as you do to other aspects of your hotel. Happy children mean happy parents and if your establishment welcomes families, it needs to cater to all members.



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