Choosing the right kitchen surfaces that are easy to clean and take care of is important so that your kitchen not only looks great, but lasts a long time and is as functional as possible. One area that needs attention when choosing your kitchen is your cupboard door surface. Not only can the right finish make cleaning and maintenance a breeze; different finishes can create dramatically different aesthetic results.

The Great Kitchen Cupboard: What You Need to Know

Cupboard design, size, and style are important, as are accessories like handles. Today there are great options to choose from including soft-close doors and push opening doors, so that in some kitchens, handles are a thing of the past. Yet the finish of your kitchen cabinets is also of paramount importance in creating your dream kitchen. The basic finish options for cupboards are gloss and matt.

High Gloss is suited best to a contemporary kitchen which has flat front cabinets. This shiny finish reflects light and makes the kitchen appear larger. This can be a great option for smaller kitchens and for kitchens which use darker colour schemes. White is however the most popular high gloss kitchen finish and other colours that are incorporated into the space will be reflected off high gloss white cupboard doors. High gloss cupboard doors are very easy to clean but do show up smears, scratches, fingerprints, and grime, especially on darker colours.

Matt finishes reflect no light at all and are well suited to a more traditional kitchen design. It also looks great on contemporary flat cabinet and cupboard doors; in Europe, matt finishes in kitchens are more popular right now than high gloss. Matt finishes make imperfections less noticeable than high gloss does, and the colour can appear more consistent than it does on gloss. Note that matt finishes absorb rather than reflect light, so that the look is muted and the space can look smaller.

If you choose laminates for your cupboard doors in your kitchen, choose a smooth flat finish for maximum cleanability if this is of concern to you. Textured finishes are not as easy to keep clean and provide more surface area for dirt, grime, and dust to adhere to. They do, however, look amazing in the right kitchen!

kitchen cupboard

One great option example for kitchen cupboard doors are SmartPanel Acrylic Doors and Panels. These are attractive, moisture-resistant, and some colours are even available in two finishes – SuperGloss and SuperMatt. (SmartPanel is also well suited to bathrooms, laundries, hinged wardrobes, and cabinets throughout the home).

Choosing the right components for your kitchen should be a fun process. When you have the right materials and some great interior design ideas, the result will be outstanding.



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