5 Clever Tips for Office Renovation: Spend Less and Get More

An office renovation can breathe new life into your business, motivate your employees, and make your visitors feel welcome. A comfortable and inspiring office often means higher productivity, company pride, and staff loyalty. And the right choices in decor can help to achieve those goals as well as express your brand. Renovation need not be... Read article


Your Perfect Laundry Interior: Handy Tips on Laundry Design

The laundry might just be the most forgotten room in a house, and the laundry interior – the most neglected one. So much attention is given to designing functional and appealing living areas, sleeping areas, kitchens and bathrooms.  Even outdoor patio areas usually get more consideration and planning than a laundry room does. Yet it’s... Read article


Outstanding Retail Fit-out: Interior Design Solutions that Work

It goes without saying that retail fit-out is very important for brick-and-mortar businesses. A shop interior is the first impression customers will have of the business. And in the contemporary competitive market where image is everything your shop interior is like your business card. It should not just reflect your brand identity; it should also... Read article


Bathroom Tips: How to Create Your Dream Bathroom

Want to get some bathroom tips and hints? Read through then! Your bathroom has the potential to be one of the most beautiful rooms in your home. And it must be functional. A great bathroom can go a long way to selling a house – and it’s not difficult to update your old bathroom and... Read article


Contemporary Office Fitout: Expect the Unexpected

The modern business environment has become very hectic now, and efficient office fitout has become a huge concern for architects and designers all over the world. A people-friendly interior is a must, so proper organisation of the office space is on the agenda. Contemporary office and work spaces need to not only be stylish and... Read article


Wilsonart® Compact Laminate: What you Need to Know

Compact laminate is something you should definitely consider  if you are thinking of renovating.  With so many innovative decorative building products flooding the market, there has never been a more exciting time to revamp your designated space, whatever its purpose or aesthetics. Wilsonart ® Compact laminate is the type of decorative building product that has its... Read article


A Great Kitchen Maker: Top Strategies to Choose the One

Finding a great kitchen maker is not as easy as it may seem. Whether you’re building a new home or simply renovating an existing kitchen, you want the job to be done perfectly.  And all the kitchen makers are different – in creativity, vision, product quality, workmanship, or professionalism. So finding the one can be a challenge.... Read article


Interior design: 6 Major Trends for 2017 to consider

Trend forecasts are in for 2017, which is just around the corner, and the experts predict that interior design will see a major change in direction when it comes to popular styling and design for interiors of all kinds. 2017 is tipped to see a move towards greater functionality melded with style that is versatile;... Read article


Renovate your Kitchen – Style on a Budget!

The kitchen is the metaphorical heart of the home and a great kitchen can sell a house. It is a place for family to gather, for nurturing and conversation, for creating, and is often the brightest and sunniest part of a home. It is also one of the first areas of a house to look dated... Read article

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