9 Proven Ways to Create an Outstanding Office

Whether you are blessed with a huge office or you only have a small amount of space to work within, an outstanding office aesthetically-speaking is most certainly within your grasp. With clever furniture arrangement, use of innovative materials, and a little know-how, you can create a beautiful and functional office that is a pleasure to... Read article


Creating a Top-Notch Kitchen: Choose the Right Wall Panels

Wall panels can be an important detail in an outstanding kitchen. You can use them as a main material on the wall (as opposed to paint, for example), or to add interest to a certain part of the kitchen – as a decorative element. We’ve already talked about kitchen splashbacks, cupboards, and benchtops, but what... Read article


Creating a Top-Notch Kitchen: Choose the Right Benchtop

This time we are talking about a kitchen benchtop. No use mentioning that this is one the most important surfaces on your kitchen, as well as most highly used. You want it to be beautiful and practical, and last really long. Health and wellbeing of your family can also depend on the benchtop, so you... Read article


Сreating a Top-Notch Kitchen: Choose the Right Cupboard

Choosing the right kitchen surfaces that are easy to clean and take care of is important so that your kitchen not only looks great, but lasts a long time and is as functional as possible. One area that needs attention when choosing your kitchen is your cupboard door surface. Not only can the right finish make... Read article


Creating a Top-Notch Kitchen: Choose The Right Splashback

The kitchen, perhaps more than any other space in a home, is a heavy usage area, and a quality splashback is critical. Between cooking, food preparation, and washing up, the entire area can become dirty, grimy, mouldy, and even rusty (where metals are present). Part of avoiding this is to choose the right materials and... Read article


Love Your Bathroom: 5 Mould Fighting Techniques that Work

Even the most beautiful bathroom can fall victim to mould and mildew. Mould is a very common group of organisms from the fungi family. It is present everywhere in the environment, both in- and outdoors. When it grows indoors, it does so in wet or moist areas that lack proper ventilation. It can become a... Read article


What’s Hot in 2018: Interior Trends to Watch For

Looking at interior trends for 2017 and into 2018, there are some particularly appealing directions which will guide a lot of home owners and commercial renovators to take the plunge and remodel interior spaces. These trends are global in nature and stylish enough to stand the test of time – they won’t date poorly or... Read article


5 Clever Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Work for You

Do you have a small kitchen and dream about a spacious one? The great news is that there are ways you can make your small kitchen really work for you and feel much bigger. Even a tiny kitchen can still be the heart of the home and a place where you’ll not only be able... Read article


Sibu Goes In Space with DM Skyblue

With DM Skyblue Sibu Design continues to be the first choice for FORMFACTORY GmbH & Co – a Germany-based full-service agency in the field of window dressing and interior design. The shop window displayed at the EuroShop trade fair held a mirror up to the universe and let us find ourselves in space thanks to the... Read article


Why Choose AEON: The Science Behind the Laminate

Wilsonart Design laminates set the industry standard for interior surface solutions with AEON Enhanced Performance laminate, it delivers to our customers a product with unique wear characteristics, without compromising design flexibility. The result is a surface that is measurably clearer and stronger, a surface that looks better when new, and looks new longer. Why AEON Enhanced Performance Laminate? Aeon™ is... Read article

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