Building a Luxury Kitchen: 4 Surfaces to Make your Kitchen Shine

Houses can be successfully sold on the basis of a beautiful and functional kitchen. More and more of us are centring our lives at home on the kitchen, and with modern open plan living kitchens are on display. For this reason, more of us are leaning more towards installing a luxury kitchen when it’s time to revamp or renovate our homes.

What We Call a Luxury Kitchen?

A luxury kitchen combines top quality materials with superior design for function and aesthetic appeal. It incorporates outstanding surfaces, top shelf appliances, leading edge technology, and premium lighting.

A luxury kitchen will include most of the following elements:

  • Well-planned spaces – interior design to maximise and enhance storage, functionality, flow, and entertaining;
  • Energy efficiency – including eco-friendly natural and electric lighting, insulation, water saving taps, eco-friendly water heating;
  • Newest technologies and clever home elements;
  • High end, attractive and energy efficient appliances;
  • Architectural detailing to flow into other areas of the home, especially with open plan living;
  • Large windows to bring the outdoors in;
  • High end materials and finishes – from the cabinetry doors to splashbacks; bench tops to floors, and even feature walls;
  • Premium light – a light filled space looks larger and brighter, and brings up the best in the kitchen interior.


Want to Make your Luxury Kitchen Shine? HVG has you covered:

  1. SmartPanel Acrylic Doors

These are moisture resistant cabinet doors in either SuperGloss or SuperMatt for a smooth, flawless finish to cabinets with an unparalleled depth of colour. The final effect is sophisticated and elegant.

  1. Zenolite Panels

They have the appearance of coloured back-painted glass, are high gloss, and are perfect for walls and splashbacks in a contemporary luxury kitchen. It is resistant to scratching and chemicals, and is easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Wilsonart AEON laminate

Is perfect for kitchen benchtops. Available in the top décors and from high gloss to satin and woodgrain finishes, it provides a benchtop finish that is hard and strong, much more durable than standard laminate, and is easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Homapal Real Metal Laminate

For a fashionable metallic finish, choose this product as a feature wall or for the base of an island bench in your kitchen. Or choose a magnetic surface, to be able to hold notes or photos with a magnet.


A luxury kitchen offers both top quality and unprecedented look. It is easy to clean and maintain, is highly functional, and is very pleasing to the eye. This can be all achieved with premium interior design and best choices in superior surfaces and appliances.



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