9 Important Questions to Ask an Interior Designer

Sometimes when you wish to revamp your interiors, the very best way to get the results you dream of is to hire a professional. An interior designer has the expertise and experience to both plan, design and decorate for unparalleled results: from a cosy and comfortable bedroom to an office space that inspires creativity; from an outstanding retail space to an appealing restaurant interior.


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If you’re considering hiring an interior designer, you need to make sure your choice is the best one.

Here are nine questions to ask an interior designer before you go ahead and hire them for your project. If not asking personally, try researching them online:

  1. What is your design aesthetic?

Ask to see a portfolio of completed projects. Does your personal vision match the style of work the designer has previously completed?

  1. Will you work with my vision?

Is the designer ready to work with your vision as opposed to creating based on their own preferences?

  1. Are my vision and my budget compatible?

A great designer will be able to understand your vision, and work with this within your budget. If your budget and your vision are not compatible, they will be able to offer alternatives to bring them in line.

  1. Can you source eclectic or unusual pieces?

You may want to incorporate a leather feature wall or a metallic wall panel into your design. You may be seeking eclectic art or glass-look kitchen splashbacks. You may want writable surfaces for some or all or your walls. Will the designer deliver on this?

  1. What are your rates?

Does the interior designer charge an hourly rate? How much do they mark up? Choose a designer that will quote an overall fixed fee based on your design specifics so that you know how much the project will cost prior to beginning the design process – this way you will avoid hidden costs and going far over budget.

  1. What is your design process?

Does the designer follow solid systems and operate under consistent processes? Will the project be handled in an efficient and professional way? Ask the designer to provide you with an overview predicting key dates for decisions, steps in the process, and estimated completion. You should also be provided with a budget overview.

  1. Do you offer a formal contract?

A superior and professional interior designer will offer a customised letter of agreement or contract relating to all aspects of the job, including fees, completion, showroom visits, design phase versus interior materials purchase and installations.

  1. Do you offer references and testimonials?

Word of mouth is powerful. Ask for references or testimonials from previous clients of the interior designer. Seek to learn how they remained on schedule and budget, how responsive they were to communications from clients, and whether “hiccups” were quickly resolved.

  1. Do you have questions for me?

Is the designer taking notes? Are they listening actively to your requests? Are they asking questions of you? Do they follow up with you promptly?

Inviting an interior designer to work on your home, office, or any commercial project is a personal decision. Choose one who you feel comfortable with. Try to make sure they will not only be professional and creative, but that they will work with you to achieve the results you envision.



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