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Words by: Bettina Deda Date: 07 June 2023

Wilsonart’s exquisite finishes enhance luxurious residential properties

Earlier this year, Wilsonart launched The Contemporary Collection, a range of modern and luxurious decors and finishes for residential and commercial projects.

The new collection features over 180 stunning decors inspired by trends in architecture, fashion and art including warming woodgrains and sleek stone accents.

Whether homeowners are after dark marble looks, fingerprint-resistant finishes, or a variety of stone-inspired laminates, these finishes offer unmatched durability and affordability for a wide range of applications.

High-quality finishes encapsulate the essence of timeless beauty and attention to detail and add a sense of elegance, craftsmanship and sophistication to any space. Whether for a brand new home, a renovation, or just a kitchen or bathroom makeover, the right finishes can take a home from ordinary to extraordinary.

“What sets our Contemporary Collection apart is its versatility. From residential to commercial spaces, this range will elevate the look and feel of any area,” says Mark Thomson, General Manager of HVG Building Pty Ltd.

All LPM panel products are Australian-made and synonymous with exceptional quality and impact resistance. Wilsonart Decorative Panels guarantee longevity, cost-effectiveness and a great look in any space.

"Wilsonart enhances modern luxury living in Queensland residences"

Named ‘Rozelle’ and ‘Balmain’ after Sydney’s inner west suburbs, two multi-million dollar homes in Bulimba, Queensland, represent the finest of modern luxury living, designed by award-winning architect Tim Stewart and FBI Interiors.

The homes brim with top-of-the-line fixtures and fittings and state-of-the-art technology.

To add texture and high-quality finishes to the kitchen, living spaces, bedrooms, and wardrobes, the architect chose Wilsonart New Age Oak LPM in Hewn. The beautiful woodgrain decor blends in perfectly with the premium aesthetics of these luxury homes.

"When style and function go hand in hand"

The owners of the Semaphore-based beachside property in South Australia wanted to create a functional, visually appealing kitchen that would inspire themselves as well as their guests. The kitchen, often called the hub of the home, should be functional and visually pleasing at the same time.

The team at Broadfeather Design chose Wilsonart Traceless Black TP laminate for all the cabinetry. This material creates a silky smooth look and feel and is perfect for high-traffic areas. With its anti-fingerprint, anti-smudge, and anti-scuff properties, it is easy to maintain and keep clean.

The splashback tiles in shades of pink add warmth and a pop of contrasting colour which brightens up the moody kitchen.

See more projects and order free samples from HVG Decorative Building Products on ArchiPro.

Words by Bettina Deda.

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