Transform spaces with living colour

From hotel lobbies to high rises and high-end hospitality, acrylic sheets are being used in places you would never expect. Acrylic products are unique in their ability to reflect light but also have a unique depth of surface. UV stable and colour fade properties allow for long lasting good looks and offer designers the opportunity to create exciting and highly functional spaces.


Lightweight and easy to handle, Zenolite can be installed rapidly over new or existing wall finishes. Fabrication on site and can be installed using double-sided tape and neutral cure silicone.


Zenolite and SmartPanel acrylic surfaces are designed and manufactured in Australia. The colour palette has been carefully crafted to offer both grounded and inspirational options for designers.


Lightweight, mould resistant and very economical. SmartPanel contains advanced seal technology preventing bacteria growth. Surface contaminants are simply wiped away with mild soap and water.

Residential and commercial

Resembling glass but with more versatility, acrylic is renowned for its strength and workability. Reception areas, shopping malls, family kitchen, laundry and bathroom acrylic surfaces are used in multiple and different applications. Regardless of the project it is a versatile material with distinct advantages.

A curated selection for your next adventure

Choosing interior decor that suits your unique taste and enhances your adventures to ensure you enjoy your time in your mobile home just as much as the beautiful Australian scenery. Proudly an 100% Australian owned company, ask for Wilsonart, DIBOND and Zenolite when designing your next caravan or RV adventure.

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