5 Simple Ideas for an Amazing Interior: Details Will Change It All

Whether it’s your home, your office, or a public area, the key to an amazing interior lies in the details. From a cool and contemporary space to a warm and luxurious nook, small touches can have a big impact on both the look and the feel of a room. You don’t even need to make enormous changes – and you certainly don’t need to do a complete renovation! Sometimes just a couple of seemingly insignificant details can create a whole new feel to an interior and leave a lasting impression. For example, a glass-look feature wall or a soft leather bar stool can lift a room and completely transform how it feels.

amazing interior

Ideas for an Amazing Interior

Here are just a few simple ideas for creating an amazing interior which will revamp your home or office…

  1. Add Colour with Accessories

The colour scheme you use plays a huge part in your decor, and it’s easy to update and create focus in an affordable way with accessories such as cushions, throw rugs, vases, artworks, and other accessories. It’s best to work from a neutral base and choose a colour story that complements this. Colour has enormous emotional impact so consider this as you create your palette. Also play with textures and materials for added interest.

  1. Be Creative with Lighting

Creative lighting can transform a room. Use ceiling lights for general lighting, then add side lamps or floor lamps to create interest and mood. Spot lights can be used to highlight a feature such as art or decorative items. The light fittings themselves can also be creatively used as a form of artwork.

amazing interior

  1. Install a Feature Wall

Gone are the days when a feature wall was simply painted in another shade or colour. Today’s feature walls see decorative wallpaper making a comeback, or for something really special, choose decorative panels. These are modern and there is no better way to completely transform a room quickly and easily:

Sibu wall panels are first class, eye catching products available in a wide array of designs and colours. They include mirrored surfaces, leather wall panels, perforated patterns, and flexible mosaics.

Zenolite wall panels provide a sleek, high gloss, glass-wall look in a range of twelve colours and is suitable for use throughout the home or office.

Dibond wall panels are a great metallic-look option for offices, meeting rooms, and even exteriors. They are ideal for signage and interior design, and create a unique focus in a room.


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  1. Rearrange your Furniture

Simply rearranging your furniture can completely revamp a room. Less is more; ensure there is plenty of space to move around furniture. Create a sense of strong verticals by having furniture low and adding large mirrors (or mirrored wall panels) or a focus art installation. Well-placed furniture can make a space seem much larger and more airy.

  1. Add Punch with Unique Furnishings

Choose quality feature furniture pieces, like leather bar stools, an antique buffet, or a classic sofa. Ensure all pieces are complementary but not “matchy”.

As you can see, it’s easy to create an amazing interior – all it takes is a little imagination, taste and the right products!



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