An office renovation can breathe new life into your business, motivate your employees, and make your visitors feel welcome. A comfortable and inspiring office often
means higher productivity, company pride, and staff loyalty. And the right choices in decor can help to achieve those goals as well as express your brand.

Renovation need not be too expensive. It’s possible to save budget on office renovation and get great results when you take innovative approach to renovation and choose the right pro
ducts. You certainly don’t need to completely rebuild the space.

office renovation


So here are 5 Simple Ways to Save Money on Office Renovation

  • Revamp your Walls. This alone can have an enormous impact on the new office look. Create interest and style by installing decorative wall panels or cladding the walls with marker board laminates to offer a medium for brainstorming ideas and motivating employees. Choose a wall decor that complements your brand and reflects who you are as a business.
  • Choose the Right Lighting. Fluorescent lighting is out for offices. Not only is it harsh and dated, it can trigger headaches and migraines and gives an institutional feel. Instead, select halogen of compact fluorescent globes to diffuse light. Ensure lighting over work areas is stronger than in hallways and reception areas, and make the most of all natural light that is available. Natural light encourages productivity!
  • De-clutter and Bring in some Plants. Get rid of all non-essential stuff. A productive work area is clean and clear, and stimulates creative thinking. Opt for great, unobtrusive storage solutions. Then add some greenery. This enables a fresh office environment, making large areas seem more welcoming, and brightening small work stations. Choose plants such as Peace Lilies, Fiddle-Leaf Figs, or Zanzibar Gems.
  • Plan for Future Growth. This involves open work spaces as opposed to tiny closed offices, and with larger cubicles partitioned. An open work environment is light and airy, with plenty of room to move around freely, and is conducive to interaction and collaboration between employees. You can add comfortable, ergonomic furniture, build plenty of closed storage, but make sure you use surfaces that are durable and easy to clean and care for.
  • Don’t forget your washrooms. A fresh and newly renovated bathroom is of utmost importance when you’re renovating your office, and the professional image of your business is impacted by your washroom much more than you might think. High level bathrooms demonstrate your attention to all aspects of your business and your image, to both customers and employees. If you do not have enough time to go through all options available for bathrooms, you may consider ready-made solutions known as washroom systems. You get the folder with samples of everything you need, from toilet partitions to the handles of cupboards.
  • Pay Extra Attention to Decorating Meeting Rooms. Whether you present your new project to the partners or generate ideas and discuss plans with your colleagues, office meeting room should be comfortable and functional. Make sure the area is clearly branded (think of Dibond panels for signage), void of any clutter and offers numerous aides for fruitful dialogue. Draw graphs on the markerboard, hold documents with magnets and project your presentation on the wall – no screen needed.

So enjoy your office renovation, go smart and remember to save money by choosing the best interior building solutions. These include decorative wall panels, durable furniture, writable surfaces, washroom systems, and all types of heavy usage laminates. When you have a work environment that feels good to be in, productivity and creativity will flourish.



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